Purveyors of Weird Fiction




  Peter Van Melsen is a renowned Paranormal Investigator, dedicated to the resolution of cases both abnormal and supernatural.


  In his most recent appearances we've seen him happen upon a young girl possessed by a macabre compulsion in the old city of York; investigate the presence of mysterious doorways found in the furthest reaches of Galloway Forest Park; and stumble across a strange situation in the Lincolnshire town of Louth, centering around the discovery of a bright blue pom-pom in the hills nearby.

Follow the pursuits of the enigmatic P.I. on YouTube:


  Since our inception in November 2015, we have been dedicated to the production of audio horror in many forms, including: audiobooks, dramatic readings, audio dramas, and an upcoming podcast.


  As purveyors of weird fiction, our recordings of the classics—the works of Algernon Blackwood, Robert E. Howard, and H. P. Lovecraft (to name a few)—are available across several platforms, including: YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, and Audible.